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Externalisation des services clients chez les grands éditeurs juridiques : au tour de LexisNexis UK

LexisNexis Butterworths (la filiale britannique du géant mondial de l’édition juridique) signale à ses clients qu’elle va sous-traiter son service relations clients à une société externe spécialisée, HCL.

Ca ne vous rappelle pas quelque chose ? Oui : Extenza-Turpin pour Kluwer [1].

Extraits significatifs de l’e-mail de LN Butterworths envoyé le 9 janvier :

« Message sent on Behalf of [...], Commercial Director, Lexis Nexis.
During 2006 we have conducted a thorough review of our customer services and many of you have given us valuable feedback as part of that process.
The objective of this review was to understand how we could deliver significant improvements to the service that we provide our customers.
We have decided to engage in a partnership with a global expert in the field of customer services, HCL.
As a result of this new partnership, starting in February 2007 LexisNexis Butterworths will be transferring the majority of its customer service operations to the Belfast offices of HCL.
Once we have completed the transition of operations to HCL, (which we expect to happen at the end of June 2007) it is our aim that both the speed and response to queries will significantly improve while at the same time overall quality will be enhanced.
By transferring the management of our customer service function customers will see many benefits including the following two key differences :
* Waiting times for calls will be dramatically reduced.
* Quality of responses will improve, as will the logging and tracking of calls.
[...] »